My business value add is focused on transitions, new beginnings, rejuvenation and spiritual intelligence.  Sounds fluffy?  Perhaps, but the fact of the matter is that in order to go from survive to alive in the business world you have to be on a quest for something beyond yourself, in a innovative way and truly valuing your comrades on your journey.  My passion, expertise and focus is identifying clear purpose and aligning a business to that purpose.

I help business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs answer questions like  why am I in business?  How can I translate higher purpose into action?  What is happening in the 21st century economy and how do I position myself? Where do I have to grow in order to be the best leader I can be?

I currently offer the following services in order to achieve 21st century business alignment and leadership development as part of connectedness:

I assist entrepreneurs to identify and align to their purpose.  With strategic insights aligned to the entrepreneurial vision and focus the business benefits by clearly identifying actionable goals.

In line with identified 21st century business imperatives leaders constantly have to develop in order to realise the benefit of the current business paradigm.  I do one-on-one and group coaching in order to assist the development of a culture of leadership and self-management.

When groups need to go through a change or transformation I facilitate the process of growth in accordance with the transformation that the business or group makes.

Public Speaking
Depending on the requirement I am available for public speaking engagements.  In the past I have been invited to speak on topics such as pitching your business or idea, innovation and entrepreneurship.
In general I add the most value speaking about the 21st century business and leadership and the required thinking in order to successfully position yourself strategically.


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